Grindhouse Burgera

Welcome to Decatur! Let’s Eat!

Grindhouse Burgera

Grindhouse Killer Burgers photo courtesy of Bing at Flickr Commons.


I am sure that some folks might say that the last thing Decatur needs is another restaurant. I am also sure that that some folks would never be my friends because of their fault filled bovine opinions.  Decatur is known for its fine gastric faire and the amount of offerings grows bigger by the day. Sadly that can also mean that my waistline will suffer the same fate if I keep eating at all of these places. Oh well, who cares if  become a prisoner of elastic waist pants and high blood pressure! Bring on the noms. Several changes are coming to the Decatur dining scene in the next few months and I am excited!  New restaurants are coming, old spots are moving to new locations, and established restaurants are acquiring second locations to try out new concepts. Here are a few of the newest foodie changes to come to the east side.

Kale ME Crazy
358 W Ponce de Leon Decatur
I highly recommend you try the Beet Up Cold Pressed Juice. Even my kid loves this stuff. Beets and quinoa and wheatgrass oh my.

129 Church St, Decatur
Who doesn’t want a toasted deviled ham tea sandwich? Welcome to Decatur Kevin Gillespie!

Las Brasas
614 Church St, Decatur
This Decatur institution has moved to a new bigger location at the corner of Church Street and Commerce Drive and will be opening soon. Their chicken can’t be beat and now they have a full bar. #foodcoma

Grindhouse Killer Burgers
433 North McDonough Street, Decatur
This will be the fourth location of this hamburger heaven in Atlanta. They had me at Vidalia onion rings and pimento cheese. I’m fairly sure I just gained a pound talking about them. While this place is still under construction it is never to early to dream of their burgers.

Suburban Plaza Shopping Center
2619 N Decatur Rd, Decatur
These guys always hit the spot with their combination of fun and food at their downtown Decatur location. Now they are taking to the next level with their purchase of the vacant Suburban Plaza bowling alley. Apparently they are yearning to make pizza and what better place to serve it up than in a bowling alley? Stay tuned to their website for the opening date.

My Parent’s Basement Comic Books and Craft Beer
22 N Avondale Rd, Avondale Estates
Technically this gem isn’t in Decatur but Avondale Estates. They open this Wednesday, August 12th at 11:00AM.  I don’t need to say anything else because their name says it all.  Just take my money!

If you see me at any of these fine establishments stop and say howdy. Happy eating!


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