I’d Like to Eat: And Drink These Beers

The top shelf of our fridge. There is no beer in the Nemo sippy cup I swear!

The top shelf of our fridge. There is no beer in the Nemo sippy cup I swear!


This summer has been a hot one and what better way to cool off than some yummy summertime brews. This is when we enjoy the crisper and lighter weight beer options with a penchant for pale ales, radlers, pilsners, and my favorite – IPAs. I find that these are great to bring along with you on outdoor adventures where a refreshing beverage will be appreciated  Here is list of a few of our favorites thus far this summer…

Stiegl Radler – A grapefruit based beverage that is very bubbly and crisp. Part juice. Part beer. All good.

Ginger-Lemon Radler – Boulevard Brewing, zesty with a wonderful ginger bite.

Not Your Father’s Root Beer – The name says it all. I think I will try this on vanilla ice cream.

Twain’s Berry Tart  – Visit this Decatur, Georgia based brewery and try this not too sweet balanced treat.

Terrapin Recreation Ale – A summer session ale that packs great flavor that pairs well with anything served at a BBQ. It comes in a can so it is perfect for the pool and beach!

Prince of Pilsen – Three Taverns does it again with this Eurostyle Pilsner. Good intro for craft beer  noobs.

Glimmerglass –  Ommegang consistently delivers and this one is another winner. If you have never tried a Saison/Farmhouse Ale start with this one.

As you can tell from the photo above we have a few beers waiting to be loved in our fridge. Find out what I think about them by following me on Twitter @mpinkelton, or by friending me on the most marvelous beer app around Untappd.

Don’t know a Saison from an IPA? Check out this easy to understand beer term glossary from craftbeer.com.

Let me know what beers you are loving this summer!


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