Photos by Flickr Creative Commons

So This is 44.


Photos by Flickr Creative Commons

Today is my 44th birthday.

Should I feel mid-life crisis-y? I don’t. Just a bit of sinus pressure.

Should I feel more mature? I laughed at my kid when he fell out of bed this morning, continue to find farts funny and I have dropped numerous f-bombs today. I will say no to this one.

Should I look old? Well I am beginning to get the freckles/moles on my face that happen to every woman in my family. Unlike this time last year, I don’t have a face full of zits so I am very thankful for that.  My butt looks great in these skinny jeans.

Should I feel wise and more comfortable with my place in this world? Does not giving a shit count? I can say that I have realized that with all I know, I really don’t know anything. So I try to shut up and listen as often as possible.

Should I be reflecting on how much I have accomplished so far and all that I have to do before my time expires? I don’t have time to reflect because I am too busy trying to remember if I ate breakfast or not. My Outlook calendar will tell me how much time I have left for the things I have to get done today.

Maybe these major personality changes will happen this time next year or maybe never. Hopefully never. Right now I will say that 44 feels a lot like 43. Without the acne.




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