About Face Part Deux

Is it possible that on my 43rd birthday my skin completely changed? I promptly got a case of the zits on that day and I am almost positive that it was from the Nair (isn’t facial hair fun) and not the new moisturizer.  When I said that I wanted to keep my skin young looking I did not mean like a 16 year old with acne!

Since that day I have just been washing my face with my usual weapon against the grease and dirt, Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash . It is affordable, effective and just a wee be scrubby with these tiny little scrubbing beads in it. Bunny Hilliard mentioned this yummy brush from Clairsonic  that looks like a daily facial. That sounds pretty awesome to me right now. I also have continued with the moisturizer without any new breakouts/reactions.

Has anyone ever used any of the BB Creams that are out there? I have inherited the freckles/moles that danced across the faces of all of the women who came before me in my family. I come from a long line of high-yellow black people so every spot shows up like a Bjork outfit on the red carpet! If I could fade and even those spots out without drying my skin in the process I would be very happy.

First World problems!!



Instead of a picture of my face on my birthday, let’s look at this fine beer I had instead. The Allagash Curieux.


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