My yummy horse-size pills.

Backside Sinus Infection

My yummy horse-size pills.

Oh joy! Look at the third warning on the list. That could be a backside sinus infection! You gotta love meds!

That sounds really bad doesn’t it? It does not mean what you think it means though. It means that instead of having the facial pain and pressure, I have had monsoon weirdness going on on the back of my head and base of my neck. As usual all Google searches had rather bleak outlooks. (Why do we Google our symptoms? Such a landmine riddled place is found there.) Only a few of them actually said Maybe you have a sinus infection!

This morning at the CVS Minute Clinic I learned:

1. When you have cold/allergy/flu symptoms for longer than three weeks you need to see someone.

2. I need to be taking Allegra.

3. The pain in my neck and weird headache was sinus pressure. It’s not a tumor!

4. To be grateful for my husband for his Arnold Schwarzenegger movie quoting which was correct.

5. Sometimes pharmacists think it is cool to make pills big enough to choke Godzilla!

Peace and Health be with you…



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