About Face Part Deux

Is it possible that on my 43rd birthday my skin completely changed? I promptly got a case of the zits on that day and I am almost positive that it was from the Nair (isn’t facial hair fun) and not the new moisturizer.  When I said that I wanted to keep my skin young looking I did not mean like a 16 year old with acne!

Since that day I have just been washing my face with my usual weapon against the grease and dirt, Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash . It is affordable, effective and just a wee be scrubby with these tiny little scrubbing beads in it. Bunny Hilliard mentioned this yummy brush from Clairsonic  that looks like a daily facial. That sounds pretty awesome to me right now. I also have continued with the moisturizer without any new breakouts/reactions.

Has anyone ever used any of the BB Creams that are out there? I have inherited the freckles/moles that danced across the faces of all of the women who came before me in my family. I come from a long line of high-yellow black people so every spot shows up like a Bjork outfit on the red carpet! If I could fade and even those spots out without drying my skin in the process I would be very happy.

First World problems!!



Instead of a picture of my face on my birthday, let’s look at this fine beer I had instead. The Allagash Curieux.


About Face

A few weeks ago I made the decision to spend a bit more cash on my looks. By that I mean I dropped some dollars at Nordstrom for two Philosophy products for my face and let go of the $8.99 Oil of Olay moisturizer. Not that I’m not thankful for how it has held my face together thus far; it just does not have the same feeling that it used to when I apply it to my face.


Philosophy Miracle Worker, let’s see if you live up to your name.

I originally chose the product for its low price and the fact that it contained sunscreen. Low price and sunblock can no longer be the only things I am looking for. This month I turn 43 and I think I need to spend a little more to keep the “black don’t crack” myth alive and well. I know they say that you are only as old as you feel; but I want my feelings to match my face. Is that so wrong?

Another factor was the ingredients. You know I cannot pronounce half of the ones I see on any makeup these days but with a visit to the Skin Deep website I could tell exactly how bad those big words were for my body. The cream I had been using scored a 6 (the scale being from 0-10 with 10 being the most toxic.

Is more toxic more effective?

Am I being superficial and catty to care about such things as fine lines on my forehead?

Let’s see what happens as I try to keep my current face in its current place.


Who are these people who say that they are 39 and holding??? Why are they holding on to 39? As of 7:30something this morning I am 39 years old. And next year I will be 40. I will not be 39 for the second time. Or 39 + 1. I have always been proud of my age and the fact that I do not act it. One of my volunteers at work thought I was 29 not 39. What can I say people, black don’t crack.

I can’t give all of the credit to race tough. Maybe it is the beer that I enjoy drinking, the comic books(graphic novels), The Family Guy/Simpsons/American Dad/Cleveland Show, the fart jokes, the kickball team(spring season begins next week!!), the fact that I still laugh really loud when people say the word ‘duty’, Rock Band/Guitar Hero, weekly trivia, Mexican food….who knows. Maybe it is the fact that I have an amazing husband and awesome friends who enjoy all of those things too. Don’t know, don’t care, just doing it!