I’d Like to Eat – Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken

This beautiful picture of caloric carnage is from Flickr

This beautiful picture of Gus’s caloric carnage is from Flickr

Words cannot express how bad my health will be when this restaurant opens its Atlanta location. Now don’t rush to think I will hold them accountable for my ever growing waistline. It is up to me to be strong enough to stay away from their doors and just say no, but look at that plate. There is a reason that Gus’s friend chicken is world famous. I’m sure your mother’s and grandmother’s fried chicken is great. Really tasty even. But I am confident when I think even they will say this chicken kicks ass.

My first visit to Gus’s was their original location in Memphis, Tennessee. I stood online for roughly and hour and it was definitely worth it. The interior was nothing to write home about but I was not there for the ambiance. I was there to eat. And eating was what I did. It is my belief that God himself made those chickens to create a rare heaven on Earth experience.

Two years after trying Gus’s, my husband and I went to a book signing and speaking engagement by uber-foodie host Adam Richman. My husband wore his Gus’s t-shirt and the reaction by Richman when we approached him to have our book signed was hilarious! “Oh my GOD I love Gus’s. Are you from Memphis? “, Richmond asked with the biggest smile on his face. My husband responded, “No, but I used to live there”, to which Richmond quickly responded, “The secret is to bring your own honey. They have hot sauce but not honey to put on your chicken. You gotta do that the next time you go.” Note made and stored. It may sound tacky and ratchet, but when people offer you tips on how to make that perfect food even more perfect you don’t ask questions. You remember it for next time.

Eating Gus’s gives you the type of gluttonous satisfaction that should only happen once or twice a year depending on your current cholesterol and blood pressure numbers. The fact that the nearest Gus’s is hundreds of miles away has worked in my favor. I yearn for it from time to time but it is not realistically obtainable so I consume other (less gloriously grease covered) foods. Their expansion plans that include Peachtree Center in downtown Atlanta makes the trip needed to take to eat that fine food considerably shorter. I have yet to find an actual opening date, but on their website they have Atlanta and eight other cities listed as future locations. All I know is that it is coming.

Pray for me people.

Also pray for anyone standing in front of me on opening day.


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