Photo courtesy of Flickr Lindsay_NYC

A Beginners Guide to Your DeKalb Farmers Market

Photo courtesy of Flickr Lindsay_NYC

This pic is courtesy of Flickr. Photography is NOT ALLOWED in YDFM.

If you live in the Atlanta area you have heard of Your DeKalb Farmers Market (YDFM). The fresh food, the array of spices, the low prices, and the international staff. What you may not know is that there are rules to shopping there. Things you need to know before you even consider going that will make your experience, as well as the experience of the other shoppers, pleasant.

If you are a seasoned veteran please feel free to fill me in on points I may have forgotten to include. If you are a noob, PRINT THIS LIST OUT AND MAKE IT YOUR BIBLE! Just because it is your first time, doesn’t mean you have to act like it.

Ready? Here we go……

  1. No, there are no shopping carts inside. Yes, they are all in the parking lot and you will have to go and get one yourself. DEAL WITH IT!
  2. Yes, it is freezing cold inside. Make sure you bring a sweater/jacket, even if it is in the middle of July. It is the world’s largest icebox. DEAL WITH IT!
  3. Stay focused and don’t let yourself get starry eyed. I understand you are in shock by how cheap the spices are, but you are blocking the isle standing there with your mouth hanging open. MOVE!
  4. Yes the party counter and hot buffet are CASH ONLY! There are two ATMs inside so hit them up before you get in line. Pulling out your debit card while in one of these lines is like wearing a shirt that says YDFM VIRGIN.
  5. People from all over the world work and shop there. Please don’t make comments about other languages that people speak or what they might be wearing. There are languages other than English that are spoken on this planet.
  6. There is a strict “no standing on the toilet” policy in the bathrooms. This behavior may be customary where you hail from, or you may wonder, Why would I stand on the seat? Either way mind the signs and keep your feets off the seats!
  7. They do not take credit cards. Never have and possibly never will. Cash, check or debit cards only.
  8. Photography is not allowed!
  9. The place has a smell like no other. I was once asked by a noob, “What is that smell?” My response, “Everything all at once.” You can’t have live seafood, freshly packaged spices, a full bakery, and every fruit and veggie that has ever grown in one place without the aroma being potent. DEAL WITH IT!
  10. If you are getting coffee at the pastry counter please dress up your cup with a quickness. There are other people who would like to add cream, sugar, Splenda, and lids. You aren’t the only one trying to warm up with a hot cup of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee!
  11. Park, shop and dump. If you are using a full sized cart, pull it over to the side and out of the center of the aisle when you are picking out foods. If you are in the fruit/veggie section it is often better to park it and maneuver the aisles sans cart. When you have full hands, return to your cart and dump.

By keeping these rules in mind you can make sure that your time at YDFM is enjoyable.  This will also ensure that your fellow shoppers have a pleasant shopping experience. Happy shopping!!




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