Photo of Haystack Rock by Movement Six at Flickr

What I Learned This Week

Photo of Haystack Rock by Movement Six at Flickr

  • Sometimes all you need is ten hours of sleep.
  • If you can teach your kid the joy of using the iPad while taking a poop, you yourself can spend             some quality time taking a poop while on your iPad.
  • My child’s feet are apparently growing at a quick and constant rate.
  • You can sear a Yellowfin tuna fillet easily and make this meal in less than five minutes.
  • When I was a kid all I wanted to do was draw pictures and write stories. Now as an adult I draw pictures and write stories for a living.
  • It is perfectly fine to be excited about spending several days away from your child with your husband in this city .
  • Some days you have to agree with your co-worker when he says, “There is not enough whiskey for this day.”
  • Money can not buy happiness, but it did buy these boots which are making me really happy.

Did any pearls of wisdom come your way this week?


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