What We Are Reading – February 13th

I continue to be in a position where I am stumbling over so many things that I need to read. My list includes books and magazines that pertain to both work and play, and I am afraid the list will never stop growing. This is in addition to the many episodes of Fringe I still have yet to watch. If I could clone myself I would be set!

I had almost finished Americana and the latest issue of Fast Company when my husband took a trip to Portland, Oregon and visited Powell’s Books. If you have never been to Powell’s it is a must-do when you are in the wonderful city of Portland. It’s a book nerd’s wet dream with thousands of new and used books of all genres. As you can guess I now have another book on my list.



Best Infographics of 2013

The Best American Infographics 2013 by David Byrne

The hubs knows my love of infographics and the fact that I am always looking for inspiration for the ones I do at work. And as “just-because” gifts are my favorite, he picked this book up for me. While, it is now 2015 and technically the information is two years old the graphic representation of the data is wonderful. My favorite would have to be the Mixology infographic, of course. We will be traveling to Portland again this spring and I plan on stopping by Powell’s to see if I can’t find the 2014 version of this book.



Alexander's Great Pretending Day

Alexander’s Great Pretending Day by Bunny Crumpacker


We took another trip to the library and the kid got nine books. In his words he thinks it is “better than the book store because everything is free.” I think he has a point. During this visit he picked up this gem by Bunny Crumpacker (yes that is really her name) and we have read it several times. The imagination filled moments are scenes we can relate to in this household as many forts, superhero fight scenes and dinosaur conversations are created here.  I also think the mother-son bonding between the two characters is beautiful. Every kids will love reading this story.

Also added to my must-read list:

Power Forward– My Presidential Education by Reggie Love
The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
Funny Girl: A Novel by Nick Hornby

What are you reading?








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