Re-Aligning Your Ducks

Blogging schedule

The colorful mess that is my blogging schedule

In this post that I penned earlier this week, I gabbed about falling off of the blogging wagon due to day job, travel, the leaves changing. Some times even the tiniest things can derail you! I’m talking to you Pinterest! So to get my butt back into gear I am putting this out into the universe and even more importantly on the inner-webs. There is no greater pressure to get some shit done than telling a whole batch of folks you are gonna do some shit. So what am I going to do?

Stick to my blogging schedule – It is all there on my adorable blogging calendar in color coded pen. I simply need to write and post. It is not as if I am trying to run a marathon. I enjoy writing and have curated some great future post ideas. To help with this goal I will…

1. Up my iPhone 5 photography game – This website is a treasure trove of ideas for this budding phone-tographer. I hope to build up my available media portfolio with 20 new website images.

2. Brainstorm – Formerly known as daydreaming, this activity is crucial to my creative process. I need to devote more time to sitting down and letting my mind wander. With a full-time job, son and husband it can be hard to find the time to do it but I am going to add it into my Outlook calendar. One per week broken down into four fifteen minute sessions is my goal.

3. Consume motivational material – I am always reading something; but the content of the material varies greatly. I find that I get a lot of motivation from reading other blogs, industry news, and participating in Alt Chats. Not many good blogging ideas are found from me binging on Buzz Feed and the Onion. I will make the effort to begin my days with my most thought provoking Zite feeds.

Now I must ask you guys, my peeps to make me stick to this growth. Be on the look out for new images and content and don’t hesitate to throw rocks if you think I am sleeping on the job.


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