During Times of Transition I Welcome Cocktails and R & R

It has been nearly a month since I last blogged and I should be ashamed of myself. I began a new job that has completely flipped my routine. New office, new boss, new projects and new commute(I haven’t had one of those in a while). I am just now, after nearly four weeks into it, beginning to get my groove.

Luckily the weekends have been my times to really reboot and step off of the quickly spinning wheel for a moment. This weekend was no different. After a hell of a week weather wise the skies surprisingly cleared and I have had two glory days. I had a wonderful evening out with the husband while we tried out a new babysitter from this website, and we enjoyed a beautiful Sunday at the park with a picnic.

Here’s hoping you all got out there and made the most of it.






aviation #2










Re-Aligning Your Ducks

Blogging schedule

The colorful mess that is my blogging schedule

In this post that I penned earlier this week, I gabbed about falling off of the blogging wagon due to day job, travel, the leaves changing. Some times even the tiniest things can derail you! I’m talking to you Pinterest! So to get my butt back into gear I am putting this out into the universe and even more importantly on the inner-webs. There is no greater pressure to get some shit done than telling a whole batch of folks you are gonna do some shit. So what am I going to do?

Stick to my blogging schedule – It is all there on my adorable blogging calendar in color coded pen. I simply need to write and post. It is not as if I am trying to run a marathon. I enjoy writing and have curated some great future post ideas. To help with this goal I will…

1. Up my iPhone 5 photography game – This website is a treasure trove of ideas for this budding phone-tographer. I hope to build up my available media portfolio with 20 new website images.

2. Brainstorm – Formerly known as daydreaming, this activity is crucial to my creative process. I need to devote more time to sitting down and letting my mind wander. With a full-time job, son and husband it can be hard to find the time to do it but I am going to add it into my Outlook calendar. One per week broken down into four fifteen minute sessions is my goal.

3. Consume motivational material – I am always reading something; but the content of the material varies greatly. I find that I get a lot of motivation from reading other blogs, industry news, and participating in Alt Chats. Not many good blogging ideas are found from me binging on Buzz Feed and the Onion. I will make the effort to begin my days with my most thought provoking Zite feeds.

Now I must ask you guys, my peeps to make me stick to this growth. Be on the look out for new images and content and don’t hesitate to throw rocks if you think I am sleeping on the job.

Monday Morning Gets a Bad Wrap; But Sunday Night Can Be A B*TCH Too!



Last night at 9:30pm my stomach decided to do flips and twists in the middle of The Talking Dead summer special. Was it the wonderful dinner I had cooked? Would the hubs and the kid get sick too? Would I puke on the den carpet because I was too engrossed in the TV show to get to the toilet in time? I willed the queasiness away.

Last night at 11:45pm the boy cried out. Had he puked? Many prayers were said as I walked down the hall towards his room. No puke; but the bug bites (he is so allergic to bug bites) that he collected over the weekend were giving him a fit. Calamine lotion, soothing voice, glass of water and then I leave the room.

This morning at 12:45am the wee lad cries out again. I pray for no vomit. Nope, he is still itchy and thirsty and now hot. I go into the hall to turn up the air conditioning and only get an odd noise. SERIOUSLY? I open his door to let in the cooler air coming up from downstairs that has made the master bedroom comfortable. I lay down beside him and fall asleep until…

1:15am the kid is tossing and turning making himself too hot to cool off. Still itchy and thirsty I give him water, a dose of Benadryl, and some soothing words. I wish someone would give me some soothing words because we all know the panic spiral your brain goes down at 1:15am on a school night!!! I had a presentation at 8:00am. Would I wake up with my alarm? Is my alarm set? Would the kid ever go to sleep?

This morning at 3:15am I was still awake but the boy was asleep. I decide to creep back into bed with the hubs. My mind shifted from typical late night panic attack topics, to a constant string of prayers that the boy would not wake up again.

This morning at 5:45am the alarm goes off. Somehow I make it out the door with a jovial kid, two blueberry muffins and a huge cup of coffee. I am also dressed appropriately to make a presentation in front of college students.

On this day, Sunday night and Monday morning tag teamed me trying to show their muscles. Whatever fools – I’ve got this. I have no idea what I said during my presentation; but I received very positive feedback on it so it’s all good!!

Bring it on Tuesday!

Just kidding – please be nice to me.

Dad oh dad, how does your beer grow?

Stokke Adventure – Kid/Life Balance on A Sunday

I have always been happy with how Joe and I balance having a kid and the rest of our life. Many people say, “You just do it.” But how do you just do it? Early on we realized we needed to keep old hobbies and add some new ones. Do most of our old activities (I do miss trivia every Thursday though); and get new ones (the hanging at the Island of Misfit Toys is actually kind of fun). Today was an example of that balance, that fine art of give and take. Here was our day. . . .


Running into Target to buy a birthday gift. The Stokke is great for a quick run to the store while keeping Aaron from investigating everything on the shelves.


Birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. The dads enjoyed these games more than the kids did!


Aaron and Issac preparing to sing to the birthday boy. Did I mention it was loud in this place?


Aaron and his perfect Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cupcake. Can you tell he liked it?


Dad holding up the kid so he could reach a game. A lot of lights, a lot of buzzes. Someone mentioned that it sounded like Vegas in there.


The party won this round. Mama picked up a latte while the kid dozed. Oh how sweet he looks when he sleeps.


After the nap and our ride home the boy was wide awake and ready to watch dad brew. Watching the beer grow is exciting!

When you give your child Chuck E. Cheese, it is nice to give yourself a treat too.  Brewing is actually a new hobby that was started after the kid was born. When you move from a one bedroom condo into a four story town home you have the room to brew! That is give and take!

I can’t wait for that chocolate stout to be ready and for my hearing to come back. I must be getting old!