Dad oh dad, how does your beer grow?

Stokke Adventure – Kid/Life Balance on A Sunday

I have always been happy with how Joe and I balance having a kid and the rest of our life. Many people say, “You just do it.” But how do you just do it? Early on we realized we needed to keep old hobbies and add some new ones. Do most of our old activities (I do miss trivia every Thursday though); and get new ones (the hanging at the Island of Misfit Toys is actually kind of fun). Today was an example of that balance, that fine art of give and take. Here was our day. . . .


Running into Target to buy a birthday gift. The Stokke is great for a quick run to the store while keeping Aaron from investigating everything on the shelves.


Birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. The dads enjoyed these games more than the kids did!


Aaron and Issac preparing to sing to the birthday boy. Did I mention it was loud in this place?


Aaron and his perfect Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cupcake. Can you tell he liked it?


Dad holding up the kid so he could reach a game. A lot of lights, a lot of buzzes. Someone mentioned that it sounded like Vegas in there.


The party won this round. Mama picked up a latte while the kid dozed. Oh how sweet he looks when he sleeps.


After the nap and our ride home the boy was wide awake and ready to watch dad brew. Watching the beer grow is exciting!

When you give your child Chuck E. Cheese, it is nice to give yourself a treat too.  Brewing is actually a new hobby that was started after the kid was born. When you move from a one bedroom condo into a four story town home you have the room to brew! That is give and take!

I can’t wait for that chocolate stout to be ready and for my hearing to come back. I must be getting old!


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