2010 Midtown Atlanta snow

Freak-Snow 2014 is Coming! Do You Have Sanitary Pads?!



2010 Midtown Atlanta snow

It looks all cute and fun; but are you really ready for the storm?


In the last 48 hours my mother has called me four times. Two of these calls I actually answered. She was concerned about me and the hubs, and the boy, and the inclement weather. She was concerned about supplies we had at the house,  if I was going to have to possibly drive on ice, and if my car was full of gas. “We are all good over here,” I responded.

The other two calls came last night when I was unable to answer the phone so they went to voicemail. I listened to the most recent phone message first. It was:

I am just calling to see if you got my first message about the sanitary pads. You want to make sure you have enough of those if you are going to be stuck in the house. And you need some in the car too! Call me when you get this! 

My mouth hit the floor.”My mom called me to remind me to buy maxi-pads for the ice storm”, I yelled to Joe. He began laughing. “You are almost 43 years old. I think you know when to by those things”, he said.

I shook my head and deleted the message. But my sick sense of all things weird got the best of me and I was compelled to listen to the first message.

Hey, it’s me. I just wanted to make sure you had enough sanitary napkins at the house. If you are on your period you don’t want to be without those, or tampons, or whatever you need. You should run to the store and stock up. Make sure you have some in your emergency kit in the car too. Don’t forget! Call me when you get this!

So ladies of Georgia, are you really ready for the weather??


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