When the Cat’s Away. . .The Baby Mouse Will Burn Himself

I went out of town at the end of January for a four day work event. A good time for the boys to bond, a good time for Ice-Mageddon, and a great time for Aaron to burn his hand on the stove.

Yep you read that right. While dad was proving how awesome he is at holding down the fort, the little kid goes and throws a bomb on the whole operation. Pops was so proud of himself for having kept Aaron home that day and completely avoiding the icy mess. Then the kid decides to see what the top of our ceramic stove feels like.

A trip to Children’s Healthcare (in the ice and snow) was unavoidable. After some burn cream and apparently some great pain meds the kid was wiped out. The forecast calls for ice and snow again this week. The stove will remain off! That only leaves 100 other ways the boy could land in the ER!


What was in those pain meds?


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