This Weekend – Parental Backfire




It would seem that taking the boy to the Decatur Summer Beach Party where there was sand, games, circus performers, food trucks, music, balloons, and beer for the parents because we all needed one (look closely at the above photo, every adult has a beer in hand) won’t tire the boy out.




Taking him to a Superhero Sunday Funday where there are arts and crafts…..




and yoga and stretching and posing….



and even flying in the air, won’t tire the boy out.



Taking him on a bug and flower searching nature walk won’t tire the boy out… but they all work well in making for one tired mommy.

I hope you had a great and restful weekend.

When the Cat’s Away. . .The Baby Mouse Will Burn Himself

I went out of town at the end of January for a four day work event. A good time for the boys to bond, a good time for Ice-Mageddon, and a great time for Aaron to burn his hand on the stove.

Yep you read that right. While dad was proving how awesome he is at holding down the fort, the little kid goes and throws a bomb on the whole operation. Pops was so proud of himself for having kept Aaron home that day and completely avoiding the icy mess. Then the kid decides to see what the top of our ceramic stove feels like.

A trip to Children’s Healthcare (in the ice and snow) was unavoidable. After some burn cream and apparently some great pain meds the kid was wiped out. The forecast calls for ice and snow again this week. The stove will remain off! That only leaves 100 other ways the boy could land in the ER!


What was in those pain meds?

My Coach and his Crocs

If the Shoe Fits

 My awesome Coach flats and Aaron’s tiny Crocs. 

My two year-old son is fashion conscious. I use the word “fashion” loosely as sometimes this is good, sometimes this is bad, and sometimes it is down right ugly. The good = Star Wars t-shirts. The bad = incessant robot t-shirts. The ugly = the Crocs pictured above! 

Some would say that the kid has clearly found his sense of style and he knows what he likes. His independence should be rewarded right?  That would be easy if he and his personal dresser/assistant (aka me) agreed on what is acceptable clothing. I have issues when it comes to some clothing and these issues are purely based upon my own opinions and perceptions. No fuchsia(kind of whorish), no capri pants(they make you look fat), no flip flops(not real shoes/make too much noise/and that thing between the toe is annoying). I am trying to not pass these hatreds onto our child . 
This morning I did not flinch when he, for the second day in a row, chose to wear the blue Crocs in the photograph above. Look how jaunty his stance is in the picture. It is as if he knows how to model a shoe. His grandmother bought him the shoes a while ago and until recently they have only been an around the house shoe. They are perfect for splashing in the kiddie pool and running around on the deck in the sunshine; but he has never stepped out into public in them. That is until this week. Truth be told they are very easy for him to put on and most of his classmates wear them. 
Could this be the first instance of Aaron trying to be like everyone else? Could I soon be asking the horribly cliche mom question, “If everyone else jumped off of a bridge would you?” Lord, I hope not. 
I love his Oscar shoes. His Grover shoes are really cute. The grey and the black Converse sneakers get my votes, but not these weird plastic shoes. As you can tell from my flats I like cute shoes, and rarely are they made from plastic or do they resemble something a troll would wear. But this is a kid’s foot and I am not the one wearing the shoes, so what is my problem? 
It is time for me to face the facts and realize that I am not going to like every choice the boy makes. The shoes are very comfy on his tiny feet, he likes blue, and they are water resistant. So water resistant that when he decided to pee his pants (did I mention he is now wearing underwear in an effort to potty train) the last two days we simply washed, rinsed and dried the shoes. 
Is it possible that Grandma knew this would happen when she bought them for him all those months ago? Thanks Grandma. I love you Grandma! And now I fear I kind of love those shoes too.