Monday Morning Gets a Bad Wrap; But Sunday Night Can Be A B*TCH Too!



Last night at 9:30pm my stomach decided to do flips and twists in the middle of The Talking Dead summer special. Was it the wonderful dinner I had cooked? Would the hubs and the kid get sick too? Would I puke on the den carpet because I was too engrossed in the TV show to get to the toilet in time? I willed the queasiness away.

Last night at 11:45pm the boy cried out. Had he puked? Many prayers were said as I walked down the hall towards his room. No puke; but the bug bites (he is so allergic to bug bites) that he collected over the weekend were giving him a fit. Calamine lotion, soothing voice, glass of water and then I leave the room.

This morning at 12:45am the wee lad cries out again. I pray for no vomit. Nope, he is still itchy and thirsty and now hot. I go into the hall to turn up the air conditioning and only get an odd noise. SERIOUSLY? I open his door to let in the cooler air coming up from downstairs that has made the master bedroom comfortable. I lay down beside him and fall asleep until…

1:15am the kid is tossing and turning making himself too hot to cool off. Still itchy and thirsty I give him water, a dose of Benadryl, and some soothing words. I wish someone would give me some soothing words because we all know the panic spiral your brain goes down at 1:15am on a school night!!! I had a presentation at 8:00am. Would I wake up with my alarm? Is my alarm set? Would the kid ever go to sleep?

This morning at 3:15am I was still awake but the boy was asleep. I decide to creep back into bed with the hubs. My mind shifted from typical late night panic attack topics, to a constant string of prayers that the boy would not wake up again.

This morning at 5:45am the alarm goes off. Somehow I make it out the door with a jovial kid, two blueberry muffins and a huge cup of coffee. I am also dressed appropriately to make a presentation in front of college students.

On this day, Sunday night and Monday morning tag teamed me trying to show their muscles. Whatever fools – I’ve got this. I have no idea what I said during my presentation; but I received very positive feedback on it so it’s all good!!

Bring it on Tuesday!

Just kidding – please be nice to me.


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