The Numberlys Cover

What We Are Reading – November 14th

The Numberlys Cover

The Numberlys by William Joyce & Christina Ellis


This is quite possibly the most beautiful children’s book ever. The cover design, the contrasting colors, the adorable little people, the zany way that they lay words on the page, the tale itself – love, love, love. This is the story of a land without letters, only numbers. Names are numbers, foods are numbers, places…are numbers. When five friends (named 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) explore the possibility of something MORE, magical things begin. In this homage to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis children learn the beauty in stepping away from the “usual”, creating something new, and changing the entire world in the process.

Learn more about the book, the app, and the movie by Moonbot Studios at


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