What We Are Reading, June 16th

Joe and I love to read and it appears that we have passed that gene onto our little guy too. Here is what we are reading and in some cases re-reading in our house now. . .


Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 8.18.53 AM

I am reading this follow up to Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi.  Her struggle to fit in is one many can relate to and who doesn’t like a
graphic novel to read by the pool?

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My husband has been reading this one for a while now. This tour of the writers home brings you in and does not let go. Apparently the problem/joy is that you want to Google everything he references to learn more about it.



We picked this book up at the library last week and the boy always wants to read it. A great book for boys and girls who like construction trucks and all of the loud noises they make. Looks like I will be taking a trip to our local bookseller to get a copy to add to our home library.

While many people swear by their e-readers we are a made-with-paper-and-ink book loving home. Whether you like the paper or digital versions, visit your local bookseller, library, or Amazon to find these great books. 

Front hall love

Five Years in the Entry

Yesterday was our fifth wedding anniversary. It doesn’t seem like it has been that long. Joe says it feels like thirty years. The man has jokes!

I took this photograph of our entryway. It is a busy place to say the least and is always changing. The artwork is all Aaron and he enjoys seeing his creations on display. For me this picture  captures our five years as a married couple perfectly. There is love – the flowers are from Joe to me. There is work in progress – the wicker basket holds drop cloths, paint and brushes to repaint the stairway walls.  There is travel – the globe and balance bike. And lastly – there are the boots that I need to have re-heeled. Our union is made up of love, creativity, growth and a few things that need a little sprucing up. I am blessed to have made this journey with such a great man and look forward to many future memories.

Have a great weekend.

Front hall love

Love your family this weekend….

Aaron and Russell Pinkelton

This photo was taken when our little man was only 2 months old. The gentleman holding him is the late great Russell Pinkelton. Russell was the younger brother of the original Aaron Pinkelton or Paw Paw as I knew him. Our little guy came along after we lost the original Aaron and I wish they could have met. Needless to say it was quite a treat to capture this moment.

Hug your peeps ya’ll. Have a great weekend.


Aaron with Iris. She turns 99 this year.

Aaron with Iris. She turns 99 this year.

I realized that this was the first year we could really begin some great family traditions that involve Aaron. At the age of three I think he is old enough to begin doing special things at Christmas. Because our family has very scattered schedules – a traveling nurse , a pilot, a flight attendant and a firefighter- the holidays don’t always happen on a particular day. My hopes are that Aaron knows:
1. Santa Claus may come early depending on dad’s schedule. This year “Christmas” was December 24th.
2. This season isn’t about gifts, no matter the fact that he got so many he does not remember them all. It is about gratitude and spending time with friends and family we don’t get to see often.
3. Don’t consider visiting others obligations. They are opportunities for new memories to be made
4. Cookies are good no matter how messy they may turn out.
5. Mom and dad are always down for an evening of “glitter and glue” fun.
6. Holiday breakfasts, lunches and dinners can be anything you want them to be. Turkey is not mandatory.
7. Giving is always better than receiving.
8. Sometimes friends are family.

aaron and joyce

batman in tree

holiday eats

Don’t make resolutions for 2014, just make it fun!