Aaron with Iris. She turns 99 this year.

Aaron with Iris. She turns 99 this year.

I realized that this was the first year we could really begin some great family traditions that involve Aaron. At the age of three I think he is old enough to begin doing special things at Christmas. Because our family has very scattered schedules – a traveling nurse , a pilot, a flight attendant and a firefighter- the holidays don’t always happen on a particular day. My hopes are that Aaron knows:
1. Santa Claus may come early depending on dad’s schedule. This year “Christmas” was December 24th.
2. This season isn’t about gifts, no matter the fact that he got so many he does not remember them all. It is about gratitude and spending time with friends and family we don’t get to see often.
3. Don’t consider visiting others obligations. They are opportunities for new memories to be made
4. Cookies are good no matter how messy they may turn out.
5. Mom and dad are always down for an evening of “glitter and glue” fun.
6. Holiday breakfasts, lunches and dinners can be anything you want them to be. Turkey is not mandatory.
7. Giving is always better than receiving.
8. Sometimes friends are family.

aaron and joyce

batman in tree

holiday eats

Don’t make resolutions for 2014, just make it fun!



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