Sunday in May…

Getting back to nature on this glorious day. I hope your Sunday was just as beautiful.

Getting back to nature on this glorious day. I hope your Sunday was just as beautiful.


What We Are Reading – August 7th


While my husband still has his face in The Bar Book-Elements of Cocktail Technique (I look forward to reaping the rewards of his love of this tome); Aaron and I have moved on to other literary works…..



Ms. Marvel #3 by G. Willow Wilson

I always love a strong yet humanly flawed female character in my reading and this series fits the bill. Awkward Teen + Super Powers = WIN! I am still on the fence about cosplay for comic con. Kamala or Louise from Bob’s Burgers?????





The Lion King version by Justine Korman, Golden Books

Aaron has this book on repeat currently. Combined with the fact that he just saw the film for the first time means there is a bit of Hakuna Matata going on in our house!! Why is Disney so gifted with the irritating catchy tunes???

What are you reading this week???


What We Are Reading – July 29th

There are never enough hours in the day to pin all of the things that I want to pin, watch all of the things I need to watch, and read all of the things I want to read. My evenings are usually spent juggling these things in the precious time after the kid falls asleep and before I do the same. Reading is king in our home and there are always new books coming in (ask me if we bought our home for the built-in bookshelves.) Here are a few of our favorites right now…


The Bar Book – Elements of Cocktail Technique by Jeffrey Morgenthaler

We always welcome new cocktail possibilities and with the husband being a purist this book was a must have. The author is the same bartender I raved about in this post.


The Beast (The X Institute) by Michi Fujimoto

This book has become number two on the kids nightly must read list. Of course Pinkalicious is still numero uno! It’s good to know we are raising a well rounded kid.


August 2014, Marie Claire

My mother gave me this magazine. Does reading it make me middle aged? Well I am that. Do I give a rats tail about Sexy Summer Style? No and actually I don’t care. Zoe Saldana kicks ass!!! What are you reading now? Please don’t say porn.

What We Are Reading, July 2nd


Joe brought the gift of Marvel into our home this week. We are both loving this series about freshly turned superhero who also happens to be a Muslim teenager simply trying to fit in. I will be taking a trip to Criminal Records to pick up the next two books.


Red Knit Cap Girl


This book has gorgeous paintings that are done on pieces of plywood. Aaron loves the story and the sweet ending. We picked ours up at the library and I will have to buy our own copy before we return this one. Writer and artist Naoko Stoop has written a total of three adventures of this wonderful girl and I can’t wait to read them to the boy.