What We Are Reading – July 29th

There are never enough hours in the day to pin all of the things that I want to pin, watch all of the things I need to watch, and read all of the things I want to read. My evenings are usually spent juggling these things in the precious time after the kid falls asleep and before I do the same. Reading is king in our home and there are always new books coming in (ask me if we bought our home for the built-in bookshelves.) Here are a few of our favorites right now…


The Bar Book – Elements of Cocktail Technique by Jeffrey Morgenthaler

We always welcome new cocktail possibilities and with the husband being a purist this book was a must have. The author is the same bartender I raved about in this post.


The Beast (The X Institute) by Michi Fujimoto

This book has become number two on the kids nightly must read list. Of course Pinkalicious is still numero uno! It’s good to know we are raising a well rounded kid.


August 2014, Marie Claire

My mother gave me this magazine. Does reading it make me middle aged? Well I am that. Do I give a rats tail about Sexy Summer Style? No and actually I don’t care. Zoe Saldana kicks ass!!! What are you reading now? Please don’t say porn.


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