The Post-Holiday Dullards!

We spent January 2nd taking down holiday decorations. We did this while Aaron was at school and I worried that he would be upset when he returned home. He was only mildly concerned; but it was momma who was really thrown for a loop. When did our home become so big and so empty? Decorating that I thought was so cute before the holidays, now looked dull and bland after the explosion of lights , tensel and Star Trek ornaments that adorned our home.

I asked a few friends and got some great advice on adding sparkle to the home after the lights and trees come down.

20140103-185145.jpgAdd a splash of color! I got this 7.5 x 10 indoor/outdoor rug at Costco for only $99. I have been wanting a new one for a while and this works perfectly. And because it is heavy duty enough to withstand the outdoors; I know that juice and Play-doh will be no problem.

Clean! The whole place looks better without tinsel bits and pine needles all over the place. Are there still boxes and wrapping paper from those presents? Trash (or recycle) them and wash away the holiday grime and any lingering food odors for a fresh start. Have I told you how much I love Mrs. Myers Clean Day products? They come in great scents that aren’t too perfumy.

Buy flowers! It is still so cold here and I am doing all I can to not just wrap up in blankets and stay in bed. I was told that bringing in flowers are a quick way to brighten up a space.

Pink roses

Aaron chose pink roses and we put them on the dining room table

image copy

I chose Hypericum berries for the mantle

flowers on mantle

And had enough for two mini-arrangements

How are you guys cleaning up and making old things new for 2014?


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