Front hall love

Five Years in the Entry

Yesterday was our fifth wedding anniversary. It doesn’t seem like it has been that long. Joe says it feels like thirty years. The man has jokes!

I took this photograph of our entryway. It is a busy place to say the least and is always changing. The artwork is all Aaron and he enjoys seeing his creations on display. For me this picture  captures our five years as a married couple perfectly. There is love – the flowers are from Joe to me. There is work in progress – the wicker basket holds drop cloths, paint and brushes to repaint the stairway walls.  There is travel – the globe and balance bike. And lastly – there are the boots that I need to have re-heeled. Our union is made up of love, creativity, growth and a few things that need a little sprucing up. I am blessed to have made this journey with such a great man and look forward to many future memories.

Have a great weekend.

Front hall love


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