Gifting the Hubby

Yesterday was my husband’s 47th birthday and I think once again we knocked it out of the park when it came to the presents. He has several hobbies and interests but I always fear I will give him something that will end up collecting dust. Thank the heavens that did not happen with these gifts…

From our son came this Star Wars sunshade to keep his new RAV4 cool during the sweltering Georgia summers. We knew it was a winner when he immediately took photos of it and sent them to his friends. It is perfect for any fan of the series, only $20,  and is available at



From me, the gift of something to sip. Last year I gave him a bottle of Basil Hayden Bourbon so in keeping with the cocktail theme I presented him this bottle of Thirteenth Colony Southern Bourbon. We like to drink local and this rye is made in Americus, Georgia.  It was promptly opened, poured, and loved. Prices vary. Check there website to find stores near you that carry their products.


What gifts are you giving this holiday season????


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