A Few of My Favorite Things

Everyone has a few material things that they worship. There is nothing wrong with that.The saying says that money can’t buy happiness, but I think it can get you really close!  I love the hell out of my family and friends but there is some kick ass stuff out there. Here is some of it…


Eileen Fisher clothing

Call me a middle-aged/old lady but I love myself some Eileen Fisher.Everytime I wear her things I get compliments. That is probably because when you are comfortable you look happy. And when you are happy you look great. And when you look great people compliment you. Her things are so timeless, comfy, flowy and just a wee bit pricey! Until I hit the lotto I will continue to stalk pieces on sale and Ebay for these wonderful clothes.



Cato Sandals

Cato Sandals


Did anyone know that the store Cato carried shoes….up to a size 12. Did anyone even know that Cato stores were still around? Anyway, let’s discuss how happy my big foot ass was. YIPEE!! I went in there with my mom who is a huge fan of the store and found these adorable leafy sparkly sandals. They are the only thong sandal that I’ve found that doesn’t irritate the shit out of my foot (I hate stuff between my toes). And I can actually wear a size 10 (not my usual 11). The icing on the cake was the fact that they were only $20.




The Longest Shortest Time Podcast

The Longest Shortest Time Podcast


My new job means that I have a new commute and I am happy to have found a way to spend my time behind the wheel. The Longest Shortest Time podcast is perfection!. It is about the real joys and pains that come with the early years of parenting. Both men and women will laugh with it, learn from it and be reminded that they are not the only ones going through it.






For the life of me I cannot remember the first time I heard Yuna. The sound of her voice made me run a quick Shazam on her to find out the details of her song Lullabies and I have been in love ever since. Her music is relaxing and easy to sing along to which is perfect in Atlanta traffic. The iTunes radio station I created based on her kicks serious ass and is a great soundtrack to long workdays.

What are some of your favorite things these days?


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