We Are Reading – May 4th

As I have been knee deep in projects at the new job, my leisurely reading has been put on hold. The books that I read to the kid have been my only literary relaxation and I am not ashamed to say they have been pretty awesome. In fact, maybe I should switch to reading kids books exclusively. Character development, plot, conflict, love, loss and happy endings in less than 15 minutes. It’s a win win!

Race from A to Z

Race from A to Z by Jon Scieszka

25 vehicles racing through town at breakneck speed while Izzy the Ice Cream truck tries to get them to buy Astro Pops and Snow Cones. How could I (and the kid) not be in love with this one. Our favorite character was the pink garbage truck with the bunny rabbit on her bumper. Why don’t they make those in real life? This book is great for any kid who likes racing cars and rhyming.



Tiny Titans Return to the Treehouse by Art Baltazar

Joe brings these home from comic book stores he visits on his trips. The kid loves them and this issue is especially awesome. Our fearless Tiny Titans have lost their treehouse and now the adventure begins to either find it, or an awesome replacement. As usual, this is a great book for kids who love superheroes and laughs.


The Secrets of Codes by Paul Lunde

The Secrets of Codes by Paul Lunde

My husband’s brain works differently than mind. He is definitely science and math. I am everything swirly and creative. His taste in books is often reflective of this difference and this is a prime example of that.  This is a great book for people whose love puzzle solving and the use of images as communication. From hobo markings to American Sign Language many forms of non-traditional communication are explained.


Marvel's Princess Lei

Marvel’s Princess Leia

I have had the time to read something that is not a children’s book. It is the Marvel Star Wars Collection’s Princess Lei coming books. Yes I know it is a comic book, but I don’t consider these children’s reading. They are really for everyone. As usual, the husband brought this one home. The man goes to some great comic book shops around the country and we benefit greatly.



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