I’d Like to Eat – There’s a New Crack Rock in Town

No one can eat just one!

No one can eat just one!

So my mother-in-law brought these things into our house? Have you had them yet? They are great if you like Raisinets but horrible if you don’t. They are also horrible if someone leaves a one pound bag of them in your house when your husband hates Rasinets! These don’t have raisins in them but the Acai & blueberry textures are reminiscent of them which turned my husband off and me on!

Here they sit on this rainy Sunday afternoon just begging someone to eat them all. I can have self control. I can pace myself! I may need to just dump them in the trash. I have really jumped back on my water drinking salad eating lifestyle that really had no room for candy. Acai and Blueberries are good for you and they are covered in dark chocolate!

Who am I kidding? I will send a prayer to the food gods and hope that when my will does break I don’t have a repeat epodes of the 1987 Whopper debacle. I won’t go into detail, but I will say that when you eat an entire box of Whoppers in one sitting they taste so good going down, but not so delish on the return trip back up.


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