What We Are Reading – July 14th

PinkaliciousAaron had to have this book when we saw it in Barnes and Noble. The reason? It was pink. Well mommy does not drop $18.00 on a book just because it is pink (it is his favorite color.) He had a mini-fit in the store (with that behavior he was definitely not going to get the book) and a bigger fit in the car. Once the crying stopped I asked him if he remembered what the book was about; his response, “Being pink”.  I was sure that given some time he would forget about the book.

The next morning he asked if we could go and get Pinkalicious. I told him that we would talk about the book and his behavior with his dad that evening and then we would decide. At dinner he apologized for the tantrum and asked if he could please have Pinkalicious. Call this bad parenting but if my kid wants something he will have to give me something in return. For Aaron that was going to be great behavior during the day, at dinner and bedtime. The kid was flawless. I thought to myself, What else can I use as leverage when the old stand by “just do it” fails? I keep seeing Huff Post articles saying that you should not bribe your kids; but I really doubt half of the people who write these things are actually parents. I do stickers for potty success and books for behavior. It works for me.Besides, bribes get things done! He knew what he needed to do and he did it.

On Sunday when the bookstore opened at 9:00am we bought Pinkalicious. Also on that day, he continued to be a gem of a kid. No I-have-what-I-want-and-now-I-can-act-a-fool tantrums. Sweet and sane for dinner, bath, and at story time where we read the prized Pinkalicious.

By the way…it is actually a really cute story and the pictures are a wonderful combination of photographs and paintings.


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