Chocolatety, Salty, Crunchy, Yums aka Diabetes Hypertension



I found this wonderful piece of decadence today on Pinterest. It is from a website called Made from Pinterest and all they do is test drive recipes that they have pinned. I find it brilliant that they actually make the dishes they pin as most of us just pin for hours and then call Pizza Hut. There is no shame in our game.

The ingredients of the Ritz Rolo Sandwich Cookies are simple- Rolo candies and Ritz crackers. That is one ingredient less than my PMS toaster oven s’mores (graham crackers, mini marshmallows, chocolate drops and a raging case of hormones if you must know.)

I call this one a win!!! My clothing will call it a loss however. I am sure my body will explode form the sheer number of these little yummies I am bound to consume. Heaven help my pants.

Photo courtesy of Flickr Commons Althea Olinger


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