Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head. . . No Those Are Tears From a Tantrum.

Oh what joy! For now. 

Where do you live? I live in Decatur (Atlanta suburb), Georgia and the weather is odd! Not very spring-like I must say.  While I must say that we are luckier than our friends on the mid-west who are going through a May snow storm, it has been cool, cloudy and damp here for a while. I have seen Homer Simpson refer to it as “Smarch”. Smarch is the thirteenth month of the year that is filled with colder than usual temperatures and snow.  I think we can all agree that is what is going on. 

This weather is great for staying indoors, snuggling with a good book, or lying on the sofa watching a romantic comedy. All great things if you are a non-parent; but damn near impossible with a 2 1/2 year old in the house. Because I don’t want him to have his face in the iPad or the television during every waking hour, I am trying to plan for Saturday and Sunday. Preparing a rainy day guide to toddler happiness isn’t easy but I am up for the challenge. 

Do you have any ideas or tips?

Did I mention that he does not want to nap on the weekends? Oh what joy! 

Here is my list thus far. Any help will be greatly appreciated. . .

1. Painting/coloring. Paints, crayons, brushes, and roll of butcher paper is ready.
2. Lego.
3. Doing laps around the house in his trike.
4. Reading.
5. Puzzles.
6. Crafts with feathers, stickers, magazines and glue sticks.
7. Some TV but not enough to rot his brain.
8. Playing in his tent.
9. Singing. A few favorites are “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Wheels on the Bus”.

These should get us maybe 15 minutes before he starts screaming that he needs (yes I said needs) to go outside. 

Any ideas you all have that do not include duct tape and/or NyQuil are greatly appreciated. 

Stay warm and dry! 


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