Splashing in the rain

Learning What Pleases a Toddler

The sun is actually out today and I am very excited. The weather here has been crap for some time and we all are tired of it. The boy however thought it was awesome and couldn’t wait to get out in it this past weekend. Attempted distractions were aplenty, but eventually my husband said we should give up and let him go out into the rain. Of course that meant us going out into it also. 

Slapping puddles!

After 15 minutes Aaron had stomped every puddle outside, including the extremely muddy ones, at least five times. He fell into a few, the muddy ones, just for good measure. Then sheets of rain began, and we moved him from mud puddles to the bathtub where the remnants of play could be washed off while the splashing continued. Free fun and he was elated. The simple things that bring joy to a two year-old boy. 

My goal was to keep him inside and not face the elements but I lost that battle. Maybe it was not so much a loss but a drenched win I didn’t know I wanted. 


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