The Scarface Reveal and Other Truths About Life

Our little scarface

Yesterday morning I dressed up our little man in the exact same t-shirt that his dad wore in a school photo in the late seventies.  We thought it would be great to have two generations of Pinkelton’s wearing the same shirt in a class photo. What we didn’t plan on was the road rash on the boy’s face; but after two days of me slathering the scrapes with Neosporin it actually doesn’t look too bad. 

The photographers thought his shirt was awesome and as you can tell by the smile on his face he had a pretty good time. This experience as mommy fashion/makeup artist has taught me that: 
1. We have a rough and tumble son.
2. Rough and tumble sometimes includes the face.
3. Everyone loves Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
4. Whatever you plan on. . . plan on that not happening.

Have a great Wednesday! 


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