I woke up too late this morning to catch CBS Sunday Morning(sadness) so I began to channel surf. I ended up on Encore Drama and one of the cutest 80s chick movies, Mystic Pizza. You can’t beat female-angst-in-small-town starring Julia Roberts, Annabeth Gish and Lily Taylor!! Another reason to watch the movie..the town of Mystic itself. Several years ago I spent the week there for my job and it is beautiful. New England is beautiful but this town is so cute and picturesque as soon as I saw glimpses of it in the movie I was dying to go back. The images you see in postcards and travel magazines could easily have been taken here. Not only is there much to see, there is even more to eat and so.

I visited during the summer and spent many an evening at the Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream Shoppe. Located right on the water just before the town’s old school drawbridge. All of the ice cream is handmade and is amazing!

Yes there is really a Mystic Pizza. You can actually by them frozen at the grocery store or if you get the chance to visit Conn. they now have two locations.
My days were spent looking forward to the next meal. Lunches consisted of grinders, sub sandwiches for you not familiar with New England speak. Dinners were always seafood followed by walks thorough their quaint downtown area with stops in shops that sold everything from paintings to glass art. Summers are filled with music and art festivals and from what I can tell winters are pretty kick ass to. Visit to learn more about where to stay and what to see.


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