There is a Lot of Beer Out Here

Oregon has 166 brewing companies in 66 towns and is the second-largest producer of craft beer in the nation. We have enjoyed beers at Pelican, Pfreim, Big Horse, Fort George, Buoy and Double Mountain breweries and we haven’t been to Portland yet. That great city is home to 53 different craft breweries, which is more than any other city in the world.

Bring on Portland. The Pinkeltons are ready!



Back to Business


I am penning this quick post from Reagan Airport in DC. My day job has had me ripping and running everywhere…including our nation’s capitol. It has also had me hard at work on this project that I humbly ask that you throw a few dollars at or share via social media if you can.

Now that this deluge of work has passed I will back in the blogging saddle again. All new books you need to read, cocktails you need to drink and tales of bringing up boy are coming soon. But for now please pray for me that there is room for my bag in the overhead.

Mint Converse All-Stars

What I Wear to Drink Great Beer

This week we go on our first vacation without the kid in more than two years. Our destination is Asheville, North Carolina. Known for its endless restaurants, award winning brewers, and breathtaking views; it is just what I need right now. It is an early 5th wedding anniversary trip for us and our friends whose wedding took place four days before ours. The plan is to drink beer, try new beer, and buy beer. There will be a few moments of good eating and some sleep thrown in for good measure. I am in “What Will I Pack” mode; and if you are at all like me you know how fun that is. Here are a few looks I will be wearing as I sip fine ales and gain back the one pound that I lost last week.

Casual outfit for vacation.

For the warm weather and sunny days I will keep it easy in this neutral toned ensemble.

You will see a pattern with my footwear and colors. Comfort and sensibility while drinking ya’ll. I love all of the shorts that Columbia makes as they are a great fit for my curves and are made for walking. Joe and I swear by Converse sneakers (we wore them at our wedding) and they come in just about every color you can imagine.

More casual wear for vacation.

Comfortable and beer belly covering!

I like the look of tunics over leggings, and when you are as tall as I am you sometimes need the extra coverage for modesty. Rag and Bone  makes this chambray tent dress that works perfectly. As for accessories, I don’t like to spend a lot. I recommend Target or H&M to find items that are on trend but inexpensive.

If you are planning for your vacation this week I wish you happy packing!