The Devil Went Down to Georgia….

Satan has arrived in the form of a Kate Spade outlet store at the North Georgia Premium outlets!!!! We took a visit there on Black Friday and had a blast. I scored a fine new purse/Christmas gift from my mother there. I had the option of Kate or Coach which is surreal to me. If you had told me when I was in high school, “Just wait, when you are an adult your mom will buy you overpriced handbags for gifts in the future: I would have never believed you.

Coach was packed full of people. They have moved to a larger location but that just means more people are crammed inside. They had a mega sale going on! She picked up a bag for herself and one for my sister-in-law that were an additional 40% off.

Banana Republic had their entire store on sale at 50% off. I picked up two beautiful pear necklaces that will go great with my outfits I am taking to St. Thomas. Also, I found two great dresses at BCBG for $39.00. Tis the season for great gifts at great prices.

We were not alone in our successful hunts for bargains. Everyone was weighed down with bags upon bags. It will be interesting to see how well the retail community fared this weekend. I think if they keep up sales like these this holiday could be a bright one.


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