Ooh ohh nasty. But in a good way.

Do you remember this episode of Married with Children…

Al must choose between paying for son Bud’s visit to the White House, or financing the efforts of daughter Kelly to become “Miss Weenie Tot.” Well. . .since Al will get a year’s supply of delicious Weenie-Tots if Kelly lands the job, there’s no contest, is there? Trouble is, Al will never get to enjoy these special snack treats as Peg wrecks his entire Weenie-Tot supply while searching for a winning prize ticket because the “food” rapidly disintegrates upon contact with air.

Today for lunch I had a side salad from Wendy’s and a box of Michelina’s Lean Gourmet Buffalo-style Chicken Snacks(basically weenie-tots). While I give myself a big thumbs up for the salad I know you are all groaning at my second food(I use that term loosely)choice. I was drawn to them in Kroger a few weeks ago when they were priced 88 cents per box. You heard me 88 freaking cents! Oh I had to try those. We are going through a major economic crisis in this country and I have to know all foods that fall into the ‘affordable’ category. Back in the day they would make soup out of whatever was around… these days we have other options. My list of foods for the broke now looks like this:

Ramen noodles
Pasta with Ragu sauce
Soup(store brand)
Peanut butter and jelly sanwiches
Anything with a ‘Manager Special’ sticker on it at Kroger
Michaelina’s random flavored snacks!
I got a box of pizza flavored and a box of the the buffalo chicken. They both rock for quick appetizers and are great with with salad for lunch.
Although the box says Lean Gourmet, while low in calories they aren’t so good for you. 520mg of sodium is not what you want in your meal and the ingredient list is a roll call of everything processed but what do you expect for 88 cents. And I guarantee they will not disinigrate when they hit air. Or maybe I just eat them to fast too find out.

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