Think about your own good stuff. This is mine.

Oy, I haven’t blogged in so long it seems. The month of October has been a busy maze of work, family, and social obligations that as I sit and write this I realize I need to be thankful for. Or maybe it is simply my harmonal PMS state. Either way allow me to do a quick recap and I promise more details and photos soon:

-I am thankful for InStyle magazine which showcased a pair of Yves Saint Laurent sling backs that look just like the LifeStrides my mom bought me from Macys.

-I am thankful for gathering with friends at Manuel’s Tavern for the final debate. It gave me the chance to meet a new one and to watch once the again the “Hope” that inspires me everyday.

-I am thankful that I got to go with Joe to his 20th high school reunion. It is great to see the friends he came from. I believe people are too quick to judge you by your is old friends who helped raise you and in turn you helped raise that really say a lot about you.

-I am thankful for Edward McKay bookstore in Greensboro, NC. It has to be one of the greatest used bookstores in this fine country. I found Looking Backward and Middlesex for a few bucks.

– I am thankful my mother has finally come out of the dark ages and is embracing her new laptop computer.

-I am thankful for the guy who kept belching and belching in the Greensboro Airport. Not only did it give us a great laugh but I now know there is someone more rude than myself.

– I am thankful for people who know what is best, and good, and just and don’t let the assholes of the planet get them down. Keep fighting the good fight! We WILL run the bastards out of town!


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