Foodie, foodie, food. Best new Restaurant. Bookhouse Pub

OK every place else sucks now. I was going to do a write up on Cafe Sunflower where I had vegan meatloaf with Jodi K (, but my eating experience the following night put it to shame.

You must go to Bookhouse Pub. They haven’t been open for a month yet but I think they should be heralded as a new MUST in Atlanta. Nestled in the small strip of shops behind MJQ (yeah!) and Chipotle(Ewww) is this new pub. Let me begin by saying they have funnel cake and collard green eggrolls on the menu. Funnel cake during non-arts festival season!!! There is a GOD!! If you kick ass, like I know you do, that should be all you need to hear. I mean come on folks, carnie food rules! You want more? OK I also had yummy corn-on-the-cob smotherd in cilantro and parmesean cheese. And I ate some fries off of my friends place and they were the best fat cut fries ever.

Their beer list is extensive to say the least and is full of Belgin and high gravity brews that us beer snobs enjoy.

The decor is beautiful with meticulous woodwork throughout and a stunning deck/patio out back. Amazing stained glass windows line one wall while the all wood and glass bar sits across from it. Gargoyle detailing add a gothic touch while pendant lamps made of salt hang over booths and set a cozy vibe in this eatery. None of that new crappy minimalist decor here. A lot of love went into the design of this place and it shows.

In a funny twist I mentioned that I had been to Cafe Sunflower the night before. One of my table mates responded, “I have never heard a review from anyone about that place that would make me want to go there.” Hopefully this review of Bookhouse will have the exact opposite effect .

Hours are: Kitchen 6pm to 12am- Bar 6pm to Last Call -Sunday Brunch 11am to 4pm. Visit their myspace page by clicking this link.


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