Drinking the Kool-Aid or the Malt liquor??

Just a few things before this show is over. I always have an opinion on just about everything and this is my final rant about this election and all of the craziness that has ensued.

  1. I worked at an Obama campaign office yesterday calling voters making sure they knew where their polling station was and asking if they needed a ride there. Most people were happy and talk to me and many had already voted. One 70/80 something woman said she hated Obama and said he was a charlatan. Now that’s a word I haven’t heard that word in a long time. Then she proceeded to tell me that he was risky(HOW??) and hung around with bad people(Do you mean that Ayers guy that he worked with on that REPUBLICAN education project?). Then she brought out the clincher! She said, “It’s not because he is black!” OK folks let me tell you something. If your reason(s) for not voting for him dosen’t include “Because he is black” please don’t mention it! As soon as you say, “It isn’t because he is black” it is painfully obvious that that is the reason. Just shut your pie-hole ok!!!
  2. The concept of Palin energizing the Republican “base” mystifies me. I consider the Republican base the bottom-of-the-barrel extremists right wingers. Do you know what else comes from the bottom of the barrel? Malt Liquor. That is what remains after the good beer has been brewed and bottled. These are your go-to people that you are so glad you could energize?? They are the Mickey’s widemouths of your party!!!!! These are the very same people who don’t let their kids read Harry Potter. Ariana Huffington calls then the LUNATIC FRINGE and that is a really good description.
  3. I came to my voting decision after a lot of fact checking and numbers running. Not because I drank the Kool-Aid or believed the hype. McCain’s tax breaks don’t help me because I am MIDDLE CLASS!!!! I am sure most of us don’t fall into the $250K pack. He is a vet himself but I have seen too many troops struggling to get by after returning from war. This Republican administration has failed them most of all. Find out the facts please!
  4. I did not vote Obama because he is black. Alan Keyes wants to be our leader too but you won’t find me writing him in on my ballot because of the shade of his skin. If race was the case this fool would be talked about more and it would be a split decision in the black community over who we wanted in office.

Now I will shut up. And wait and see…


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