9021- I wear a Zero!

The real 90210. Peep those reverse fit jeans on Andrea!

Fake 90210. I don’t think the girls EVER eat!

So I am seeing these commercials for the new 90210 and it is a complete sham! First of all..don’t even try to do it better cause it will not happen. That level of coolness/wackness cannot be recreated it belongs to my generation and mine alone. The next thing you know they will try to bring back 21 Jump Street or do a remake of Heathers (oh the humanity!!). Actually if they try either one of those I will fly to LA immediately and kick someone in the hiney!!

But I digress, the reason for my rant is the obvious difference in SIZE of the folks from the 80’s to this fine year of 2009. Are all teenagers binging and purging so much that they are this skinny! Look at the first photo above. We all knew that Dylan and Andrea were way to old for school so I am not even going to talk about how YOUNG these new kids look cause my point of reference is way skewed. But, you have to agree with me that my 80’s pack was the proper size. That was what my friends looked like, except grandpa Dylan and grandma Andrea. They had actual hips and thighs and our arms were larger than pencils. All of the boys look like little brit-pop monkeys(no offense to the black kid)! No wonder girls in this country have body image issues, we cram this garbage in their faces.

When Joe and I have kids they will be on a strict diet of the ORIGINAL Sesame Street, Welcome Back Kotter, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdon, and the real 90210 when they reach the right age!!! They will be called anti-social, sarcastic realists and I will love them to bits.


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