Hats off to my friend of the day NikkiCheese!

Today I am feeling a bit happy for what I have, as some people don’t have squat. One of the things I am really happy for is my friends. They rock and continue to do so on a daily basis. A while ago I was in a grocery store and saw these horribly dark and synical greeting cards. There was a cartoon-goth girl on the front of one and the card read, “Have a nice day. If you believe such a thing is possible.)I actually feel bad calling them greeting cards..but anyway. They reminded me of my friends and especially my friend Nicole Ricotta(hense the moniker Nikki Cheese). She is part Italian part Puerto Rican, from New York (meaning LOUD.) And is generally down with whatever wackness is going on. When you first meet her she will probably come off as really quiet but don’t let that mislead you. Her weapon of choice in case things come to blows is a chainsaw(I kid you not!) I met her o-so many years ago, 1993/94/90-something, when we both worked at Arthur Anderson. We have both witnessed a bunch of garbage but have stuck together through it all. The photo above is of us at a beer tasting, we definitely have beer in common.
May I say that in my Sex and the City world where Alicia is Charlotte, and Sybil is Samantha, Nicole is definitely Miranda. She holds nothing back and will always stick up for you.
Thank you God for all of my friends and today I especially thank you for Nicole.

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