Maps! Wonderful Maps!

I love maps. Actually I just woke up from a dream in which I was in an awesome home that had been decorated with an amazing collection of school maps of different countries. I own one of those very same maps and having this dream reinforced the fact that we must hang it pronto!!!!! It is of Europe around 1965. Not that is a specialized one and that was the year it was showcasing; the old ass thing was actually made in 1965. So of course most of the map is taken up by a big chunk that was the Soviet Block. All of the little -mania’s that exsist today were a part of the big old USSR during that time so it really is a history lesson. On top of that it is full of warm shades of yellow and orange that I love which makes it great for decorating.

We are looking for a cool metal with shelves bar cart to replace the shelf-o-drinks that we currently have. I have my eyes on Craigslist as those things are $179 retail and I have seen them for as low as $50 on the list. Joe is here through Thursday this week so I think we can get some map hanging furniture re-arranging done during that time!


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