My most favorite morning ritual is listening to NPR. The afternoon shows rock too but when I listen to it in the morning I just feel as if I have begun my day a wee bit smarter.

If you are an NRP geek too you understand my deep love for their early morning program The Bryant Park Project. The New Music Tuesdays are always a great source for the latest tunes and their daily news targets topics of interest to our generation. The show initially appealed to me because one of the hosts is Alison Stewart. MTV, CNBC, MSNBC, ABC and other networks have had her serve as correspondent. Her work at ABC during the September 11th attacks garnered that newsteam an Emmy and she has won the prestigious Peabody award for her election ’88 political reports on MTV. All of that and she has awesome hair too!!

She co-hosts the show with Rachel Martin and together they make the spectrum of today’s news palatable and free from tirades and screaming. While Alison is on maternity leave Mike Pemka is taking her place and believe me when I say the program is still my favorite. I consider it listening to my smart friends in the morning.

Get smart and listen.


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