Successful food!!

The keylime pie that I made for Joe was beyond successful. He had several pieces and so did I. Truth be told my Saturday breakfast was PIE with whipped cream and a cup of coffee. Saturday evening he left to return to his crashpad in NYC. Made from all fresh ingredients, the pie was destined to go bad quickly so I took it to my mother. See ejoyed the graham cracker crust and tart bite at the end of every bite.

Speaking of good bites I had an amazing dinner at my friends Christie and Mike’s house last night. I brought my mother along to see the beautiful baby Katriana Alyce and to enjoy some of Mike’s cooking. He outdid himself serving an appetizer of grilled peaches, honey, cinnamon and whipped cream.

The main course consisted of beef and chicken cabobs, baked beans and cole slaw! Baby Katriana, who turned 1 week on Friday, feasted on breast milk and formula. YUM!

Our hosts and their little one.

My next recipe that I hope to succeed at will be Heidi Swanson’s Spring Panzanella. She makes amazing healthy and organic meals and I picked this one up on my Gmail tickler bar from Click here to try making it for yourself and to view other good food ideas!


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