I’m Loving It…

Dearest McDonalds,

Don’t try to sue me for using your catchy little jingle as this blog title. It just so aptly describes these things that I am in love with…..

Putting this homemade Sriracha sauce on any and everything. Even this noodle bowl…


Traces Ellis Ross is always open to making new friends. Pick me! Pick me!

Finding even more places for me to eat brunch in this town.

Making a shortlist of people I can get to do this after my funeral.

Adding  this t-shirt to my collection.

Along with these shoes to add to my collection.

Practicing my graphic facilitation skills and very excited about going here this summer.

Watching this show when it returns this month.

Catching this show at the High with the family.

Cracking open this book and getting lost in it.

Making a fine sandwich to celebrate this day tomorrow.


What are you loving? Please don’t say a Big Mac.




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