Photo by Kristin thekitchensink at Flickr Commons

Post Party Palette

Photo by Kristin thekitchensink at Flickr Commons

Friday night my husband and I went to a party with wine, hors d’ouevres, and intelligent conversation. He wore a suit and I actually shaved my legs, so to say it was a big to-do would be an understatement. Once the party ended and we were heading home we found ourselves a bit peckish. Without enough time to hit both the ATM for cash for the sitter and a fast food drive thru; I had the idea to kill two birds with one stone. We headed to the grocery store where we scored cold deli fried chicken,  Terrapin Moo Hoo, and a few 20s for the sitter.

The late night munchies can strike any day of the week but for us they seem to strike hardest during post party time.  While in my 20s Taco Bell was always a go-to to fill that void I have found my prime time palette has evolved, not too much as we ate an entire container of cold fried chicken, but it has evolved.

In response to the evolution we try to keep our pantry and fridge stocked with ingredients for impromptu noshing. Cheese options in the fridge, a can of mixed nuts, and mixed grain crackers are always in the house. We tend to crave things that are both salty and savory; and carbs are always included in many different forms.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Homemade pita chips with hummus

Chips and salsa/guacamole 

The world’s best take and bake pizza

Cheese plate

Charcuterie board

Antipasto plate

Grilled cheese sandwiches (Cheddar with pickles is my fave.)

Ramen noodles

As you can see we tend to keep it simple. But while visiting a friend in St. Thomas several years ago I tasted true late night cooking.  If you want to step up your game you should try making these seafood tacos that he made for us late night/early morning. The ingredients that he had on hand aren’t always in our pantry/fridge but I am willing to make a grocery run to have them again. They hit the savory/salty spot and would be great during normal meal times too.

Afterdark Tacos

Caribbean jerk seasoning (1 teaspoon)
Hot sauce (to taste)
Mayonaise (1/4 cup)
Pickled ginger (1 tablespoon)
Baked Fish. We had grouper but I’m sure Gordon’s fish sticks would rock too. (2 fillets or six sticks)
Peel and eat shrimp (1 cup)
Macadamia nuts (roasted)
Spicy brown mustard (1/4 cup)
Kosher salt (to taste)

Spread macadamia nuts on non stick baking sheet and put in oven until lightly toasted. 350 degrees for five minutes should do it. Once toasted, remove them from oven and chop finely. Don’t turn off the oven because you’re going to need it.

Chop shrimp and fish into bit sized pieces and put into bowl with all other ingredients(don’t forget the nuts) and mix well. Place mixture onto large sheet of aluminum foil and roll it up like a burrito, twisting both ends. Place in oven for 10 minutes.

Remove mixture and spoon into taco shells. Throw on a little salsa, guac or extra hot sauce if you’d like. Enjoy.

What are your late night culinary cravings?





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