What We Are Reading – August 28th


This week’s literary update is different than the rest. It is not about what we are reading; but rather what our son will be reading in the future.

The good news is Aaron’s teachers think he is ready to begin reading. He knows the sounds that all of the letters make, now it is the time to string them all together. He is the only one in his class at this level so he will have one on one tutoring to aid in this journey. I am sure this will nurture his already strong love of books.

The bad news is we already have about 100,000 books in our home. And I am not exaggerating when I say that. Did you know that we bought our house heavily based on the built-in book shelves??? True story.

My mother and mother-in-law could house Atlanta’s homeless in houses built with their book collections. While their styles vary, my mom is simply a hoarder while Janelle has all of her literary conquests listed in a detailed Excel spreadsheet;  it is obvious that his love of reading is in his DNA.

I am well aware that we must start off simple. See Jack Run… Hop on Pop. He is only three and a half years old and we don’t want to force him to read Shakespeare. With that being said, is it wrong that all I keep thinking is, “HE CAN FINALLY READ HARRY POTTER!”

If you have books suggestions for the young tyke I welcome them!


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