Boys Are Gonna Do


Aaron’s boots as photographed by Ryan Johnson.


We kept ourselves in the dark when it came to the gender of our baby. Our ears were wide open in anticipation of the announcement during delivery – IT”S A BOY!

This weekend I got hit with some words of wisdom from this very boy while wandering the aisles of Target; or as we Pinkeltons call it Circle and Dot. We were discussing his best friend Josh and why they fight yet continue to be friends. Why they put each other into painful, rug burn resulting headlocks; but continue to be friends. His three and one half year old response to me was, “Mommy, boys are gonna do what boys are gonna do.”

I was there and I still can’t believe that he said these words. How can you respond to a statement like this? I was speechless.I grew up a girl, so I am unable to understand his behavior.  This is the type of knowledge only experience can bring. It is possible that I already have all of the information I need to know.

IT’S A BOY! And boys are gonna do what boys are gonna do.




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