Bunting against blue sky

I would love to be able to write a post about how I became a more relaxed person. How I stopped having mini-anxiety attacks every Sunday night.  How I became more aware of the little things that make life great. How I have quieted my mind, reduced moments of forgetfulness and reduced the number of times I walk into a room and wonder, “What did I come in here for?“.

I would love to tell you how to achieve those things; but in actuality I myself have no idea how I have done it. Looking back on changes that I have made I can only think it is from my effort to bring a little more gratitude into my life and to not sweat the small stuff.  Several months ago I thought about small and big moments in my life and how I handled them. From these experiences I’ve learned four things:

1. If I was hyper stressed about what someone’s reaction to something would be or how something would unfold, the end result was almost always a small blip on the radar. Feeling stress and anxiety benefits no one and changes nothing. Don’t waste your emotions on those emotions.

2. Remember that your work will be there tomorrow. When you leave the office remember to take your mind with you. Evenings and weekends are for rest, relaxation, and recharging. There will be times when you need to do work from home; but handle those tasks as quickly as possible and move on. Your job pays you but so does your family. That compensation comes in the form of love, laughs, and memories. That currency makes for pretty good paydays also, so be present to cash those checks.

3. Be grateful and open to good things coming your way. At the beginning of 2014 I made a bucket list for the year. I decided to put my full efforts into doing everything on the list. In addition, I was open to the possibility of some of those things not happening during this time (grad school) ; and grateful for the things I would be able to accomplish. This has made the experiences even more worthwhile and has led to me adding a few more exciting things to the list.

4. Say hello to the day and hope for the best. My attitude towards the day and its scenarios is always up to me. I try to begin my morning with a thank you to the powers that be, and a call to my inner self to use grace and understanding with each person I will meet that day.

Possibly one or two of these tricks will work for you. If all else fails martinis, massages, and manicures are also highly effective.

What do you do to make this life a joyous one?


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